round midnight analysis

Save this story for later. Round is an adverb and preposition that has the same meanings as `around'. Monk […] For the cover of his debut Columbia album, 'Round About Midnight (1955), Davis was photographed through a red lens, wearing dark glasses, embracing his trumpet, unsmiling — an iconic image. Besides, an analysis of 'Round Midnight' that treats the home key as Db is actually a more difficult task. This film screening project was created to celebrate Dexter Gordon's Academy Award-nominated acting performance and to explore the historical relationship between jazz and cinema through the 1986 French film Round Midnight (Warner Bros.).. Das Musikstück, eine der populärsten lyrischen Kompositionen des Modern Jazz, wurde von vielen Künstlern unterschiedlichster Stilrichtungen aufgenommen. Interestingly, These Foolish Things also was written in 1936, by Holt Marvell and Jack Strachey for an English revue. Plot Summary: In ‘Round Midnight, real-life jazz legend Dexter Gordon brilliantly portrays the fictional tenor sax player Dale Turner, a musician slowly losing the battle with alcoholism, estranged from his family, and hanging on by a thread in the 1950’s New York jazz world. Monk claims that he composed Round Midnight when he was 18 and eight years later, Cootie Williams recorded it with his orchestra. ... becomes an analysis of that scream. Thelonious Monk’s beautiful ballad “Round Midnight” is said to be the most widely recorded and performed jazz tune — that is, a tune that was written specifically for jazz, not an adaptation of a showtune or pop song. As a movie Round Midnight is a sultry and slow burning tale of redemption. It was covered by Sonny Stitt, Eddie Thompson Trio, Lost Soul, New York Allstars and other artists. The pace is slow and the chords often come four to a bar. The song 'Round Midnight was written by Thelonious Monk and Cootie Williams and was first released by Cootie Williams and His Orchestra in 1944. Background. Backbeat Books, 2002. ’Round Midnight ist ein Jazzstandard, der von dem Jazz-Musiker Thelonious Monk geschrieben und erstmals 1944 veröffentlicht wurde. Given that 'Round About Midnight was Miles Davis' debut Columbia recording, it was both a beginning and an ending. At the Newport Jazz Festival in 1955, Davis performed the song " 'Round Midnight" as part of an all-star jam session, with … Round is often used with verbs of movement, such as `walk' and `drive', and also in phrasal verbs such as `get round' and `hand round'. B 7 Cm7 5 B7 5 B 7sus4 2. ' Round About Midnight is an album by jazz composer and trumpet player Miles Davis that was released by Columbia Records in March 1957. A version recorded by Monk's quintet was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1993. In bars 7-8 of the [B] section for "'Round Midnight" in just about any interpretation, you will be confronted with some sequence of descending dominant 7th chords, or non-resolving iim-Vs. Where Wes Montgomery's version differs is that you find the iim-Vs descending chromatically. He decides to earn a living as a musician in Paris. His essays on books, film, jazz, and American identity have appeared in a variety of publications. He was a very nice person and very talented, and whatever he suggested seemed to please them. E m9 Cm7 5 Fm7 5 B 7alt E m9 A 7 Bm7 E7 B m7 E 7 A m7 D 7 E m9 A 7 Cm7 5 B7 5 B 7sus4 1. 'round midnight notes and essays on militant poetics. By the time Powell was recorded playing “‘Round Midnight” with Charlie Parker at Birdland in 1950, he’d been familiar with the composition and the music of his mentor for nearly a decade. Dexter Gordon - Body And Soul - 'Round Midnight Movie (1986) Dexter Gordon, ts. He constantly accuses himself of being a liar, as if the “lies” that we all live inside, or below, or both, can only be negated if the force of those lies is itself grasped, seized, even ingested. E Maj7 Cm7 5 F7 9 B 7 Cm7 5F7 9 B 7 A m7D 7 G Maj7 B7 B 7 E 7sus4 D 7sus4 B7sus4 B 7 95 E m9 Cm7 5 Fm7 5 B 7alt E m9 A 7 Bm7 E7B m7E 7 A m7 D 7 E m9 A 7 Cm7 5 C 7 5 B 7sus4 E Maj7 A B 'Round Midnight Thelonious Monk &Hanighan&Williams 1 The jazz trumpeter Woody Shaw in 1978. 1) I am looking for a thorough analysis of 'Round Midnight' but I can't find any online resources - I need it for inspiration for an improvisation excercise. The sets are impeccable. Whilst the recent 'Whiplash' and 'Miles Ahead' were moderate commercial successes, they were subject to withering criticism in some quarters – I was with the… The alleys around the bar and their apartments look realistically dingy and dilapidated.

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