green feather sunken temple

The troll bosses Loro and Zolo still didn't drop the green voodoo feather. The Temple of Atal'Hakkar (also known as the Sunken Temple) is a shrine to the nefarious Blood God Hakkar the Soulflayer that was erected by the Atal'ai trolls led by their master Jammal'an the Prophet. Ditch this sh*t! Bring a total of 6 Voodoo Feathers from the trolls in Sunken Temple. A level 25 Quest (Dungeon). Green Voodoo Feather (2) Description The spirit totem just isn't enough. The temple was dedicated to Lord Gopinath, an avatar of Vishnu and dates from the 15th-16th century. Warcraft III Reforged is finally out and lets play campaign. Bring the Voodoo Feathers from the trolls in the Sunken Temple to the Fallen Hero of the Horde. Collect Amber, Blue, and Green Voodoo Feathers from the trolls of Sunken Temple. THIS CHANNEL IS NOT FOR KIDS! Five passes through this lame dungeon is more then enough. The trolls in the sunken temple have feathers strong with voodoo magics. I went through sunken temple 5 times and the drop rate on the trolls is terribly low. Do not feel remorse for their corrupt souls... they are not without evil. Go there and kill Gasher, Mijan, Zolo, Hukku, Zul'lor, and Loro. [Amber Voodoo Feather] (2) [Blue Voodoo Feather] (2) [Green Voodoo Feather] (2) Description. If you would like to support my work so I can buy new PC: THIS CHANNEL IS NOT FOR KIDS! ". In the temple, the trolls are known as Gasher, Mijan, Zolo, Hukku, Zul'lor, and Loro. Then we have magic enough for a real spirit totem. Sunken Temple, more commonly called ST is located in the Swamp of Sorrows. Now I just need something to stuff it with. - Don't bother with this POS quest. +500 reputation with Argent Dawn For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Can a 55 - 56 Warlock solo the 6 Trolls in Sunken Temple? Rewards Fury Visor, Diamond Flask, or Razorsteel Shoulders. We be needin' some voodoo magic to make it work jus' right. Only the voodoo feathers from the trolls in the sunken temple … My pet is almost done. Blue Voodoo Feather (2) Green Voodoo Feather (2) Description ... Only the trolls of the sunken temple carry the kind of rare magic able to turn the evil of something against itself. All content is for 13+ Subscribe to channel for more content. During the 19th century, the Mahandi River changed its course, resulting in the Odisha temple and a nearby village to be completed submerged with the rising waters. Believing that this was the intended site for Hakkar's reentry into Azeroth, the great Dragon Aspect Ysera and her green dragonflight sunk the temple into the depths of the Swamp … There are tons of quests available for Sunken Temple, making it one of the most commonly run instances while players are leveling up. A level 25 Quest (Dungeon). Molten-Wow version 3.3.5. Sunken Temple is the final instance before the "end game" classic instances.

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