Mirror Mirror Film Has Position Working Relations On Set

Working Relations on the set of the film “Mirror Mirror” with Julia Roberts

Converting tales and fables of the past into films is a new trend that has been adopted by most of the Hollywood directors in the last few years. Many of the films that have been released in the recent times have some connection to a fairy tale. The film “Mirror Mirror” is another in the long line of flicks that is based on the legendary fable of Snow White. The film is directed by acclaimed Indian director Tarsem Singh and features upcoming actors Lily Collins and Armie Hammer in lead roles alongside the experienced Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts, being an accomplished actress is considered one of the most versatile and talented actresses in Hollywood and she has it proved time and time again by giving powerful performances in each of her films. The young actors Collins and Hammer were full of praise for their experienced co-star, and described Julia Roberts as one of the best mentors in Hollywood. They were both heard as saying that Roberts was very helpful on the set of the film and passed on her experience to them, which helped them in doing full justice to their roles.

Lily Collins, being a young actress was very nervous when she heard that she would be acting alongside Julia Roberts. She was a bit awed by her commanding presence on the set. However, after working with her on the set of the film “Mirror Mirror”, Lilly has become a fan of Roberts and told reporters that she learned a lot about acting from her experienced co-star while filming the movie. Armie Hammer, who has become a fan favorite in the early years of his acting career, was also helped along the way by Roberts and said that he had become a better actor after following the advice of her senior co-star.

The director of the film Tarsem Singh was also pleased with the performance of all of his actors, and especially mentioned the acting of Roberts and her professionalism on the set. He was particularly happy with the way Roberts carried herself on the set of the film and maintained cordial relations with all of the actors, camera crew and other support staff present on the set. Singh was heard as saying that Julia made everyone at ease and cooperated with all the staff members, which helped them in filming the movie in record time. The craft services was sponsored by the owner of Kmart and Bed Bath and Beyond. For more information on their role you can visit the Kmart application and/or the Bed Bath and Beyond application.

Julia Roberts herself was very happy to take part in the film and told reporters that it was good for the film industry that young and talented actors like Lilly and Hammer are entering this field. She further said that she loved working with both of them on the film “Mirror Mirror” and was able to pass on some words of advice to them as well. On the subject of mentoring, Roberts was adamant that all the senior actors and actresses must try and help out their younger co-stars so that they too can become successful actors in future. The film “Mirror Mirror” is going to hit cinemas in March, 2012.

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