Careers In Film Making – Executive Film Making

Careers in Executive Film Making

Film making is very much a team effort that cannot be accomplished by a single person. In order to make a film that is commercially successful and is liked by the audiences and critics as well, a dedicated group of people are required who are skilled in their respective jobs. The team that is required for executive film making must have an executive producer, a line producer, a writer, a director, a producer, a production coordinator, a script supervisor, a set designer, a director of photography and a camera operator among others. These are among the careers that can be pursued by a person in the field of executive film making.

Executive Producer

The executive producer is the highest paid and the most important job post in executive film making. People who are appointed for this crucial post are required to manage the entire production crew of the film. Their task is only to oversee the project and to ensure smooth running of all the operations.

Line Producer

The line producer is the second man in charge of the executive film making process behind the executive producer. He is responsible for supervising the crew and staff on the set and is required to manage the production budget.


The writer is responsible for writing the dialogues and scenes for the film. This is an important job post and the people who are hired for this purpose are often given lucrative packages. This is why writers are among the highest paid people in an executive film making setup.


The director of an executive film making project is an important figure who is responsible for making the actors act according to the script. He is also charged with the duty of choosing the locations where the film is going to be shot.


The producer is responsible for arranging the finances for the project. He is the person who does all the hiring of the lower staff involved in the executive film making process.

Production Coordinator

The production coordinator is the middle man between the director and the producer. He acts as the communicator between the two and relays the information from one to the other. The job of a production coordinator is very crucial and this is why he is given a handsome salary package.

Script Supervisor

The script supervisor is in charge of recording all the aspects related to the script of the executive film making project. He is responsible for ensuring that the script is properly understood by all the actors who are taking part in the film.

Set Designer

The set designer is responsible for making the sets on which the film is to be shot. The set designer needs to have a sound knowledge of art and designing.

Director of Photography

The director of photography is another important job post in an executive film making setup. The person who is hired for this job is required to take care of the framing, lighting and shooting of each shot of the film.

Camera Operator

The camera operator is responsible for adjusting the position of the camera as per the directions of the director of photography.

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